Visualization of knowledge maturity for product-service system development

By Christian, January 10, 2011

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An extension towards a service perspective in manufacturing firms challenge decision making in early development phases. This addition in business models challenges the established knowledge base, which is focused on product aspects. A service perspective makes it necessary to assess the team’s competences in another way. The knowledge maturity scales presented in this paper stems from a method to judge technology readiness, yet the knowledge perspective adopted highlights the issue of whether this approach is readily adopted or not. In this paper, a pragmatic view of the term knowledge, as found in previous empirical data, is used to discuss and propose a way to visualize the current knowledge state in a development team. The paper concludes on a rationale for visualization of knowledge maturity. Based on this, further improvement of the scales to support a service perspective on products can be done.


Knowledge management, Knowledge maturity, Stage-Gate process, Decision making, Product-Service System, PSS


Johansson, C., & Ericson, Å. (2011). Visualization of knowledge maturity for product-service system development. i Chakrabarti, A. (Redaktör), Research into Design. (s. 312-319). Bangalore, India: Research Publishing Services.

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