Int. J. Technology Intelligence and Planning

Performance measurement framework for product-service systems: a balanced scorecard approach

By Christian, May 14, 2013

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Int. J. Technology Intelligence and Planning


The paper proposes a framework for analysing the performances of product-service systems (PSSs) development processes using a balanced scorecard (BSC) as an instrument to guide the implementation and the evaluation of new methods and tools. Emerging from a case study in the aerospace industry, the paper discusses the main challenges in PSS development and proposes a performance measurement framework for PSS development based on multi-criteria indicators. Finally, the benefits of a framework for PSS development performance measurement are discussed.


Chirumalla, K., Bertoni, A., Parida, A., Johansson, C., and Bertoni, M. (2013) Performance measurement framework for product–service systems development: a balanced scorecard approach. International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, 9(2), pp. 146 – 164.


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