Gated Maturity Awareness: Supporting Gate Review Decisions with Knowledge Maturity Assessment

By Christian, April 15, 2008

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Lead-time reduction is an important goal for aeronautics where the 7 Day Proposal is an envisioned scenario, where the offer development of an aerospace product is reduced to seven days. This requires the proposal development procedure to change substantially and knowledge support is increasingly important. Knowledge Maturity is about improving the utilisation of knowledge by comparing current knowledge with required knowledge. With a criterion scale, knowledge maturity is assessed to improve confidence in decisions. Gated Maturity Assessment is an example where stage-gate decisions are supported with knowledge maturity capabilities. Teams can reason about knowledge at gate reviews similarly as with results and performance parameters.


Maturity, Knowledge Enabled Engineering, Decision Support


CIRP Design Conference 2008 University of Twente.


Johansson, C., Larsson, A., Larsson, T., & Isaksson, O. (2008). Gated maturity assessment: supporting gate review decision documents with maturity of knowledge assessment. i F. J. A. M. van Houten (Redaktör), CIRP Design Conference 2008 : April 7 – 9, 2008, Enschede .Enschede : Laboratory of Design, Production and Management, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Univ. of Twente.

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