Stanford ME310 on final stretch

May 31, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute This year’s Stanford project, ME310, where four students from BTH have collaborated with three students from Stanford University, is in its final stage.

Now, the students will travel to Stanford to complete and present the project at the annual event Stanford EXPE ( in front of teachers, companies and venture capitalists in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Samverkande robotar utvecklade av samarbetande ingenjörsteam

May 23, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute Studenterna i årskurs två har under vårterminen jobbat med en mekatronisk utmaning där uppgiften var att konstruera, bygga och programmera en autonom robot. Årets utmaning i projektkursen MT1458 fokuserade på samarbete, roboten skulle lösa en given uppgift så bra som möjligt genom att samarbeta med en robot konstruerad av en annan grupp studenter.

ME310 team colocate in Sweden for kick-down towards final solution

April 6, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute The ME-310 project, with students from BTH and Stanford University working on supporting Volvo CE innovate the pains of today’s and concerns of tomorrow’s construction workers, is moving into the final phase where the students will deliver an innovation in time for the final event in June.

Innovativ och Hållbar Produktutveckling i mål

January 17, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tisdag 16 januari presenterade studenterna i årskurs 3 på maskinteknikprogrammen resultaten av sina produktutvecklingsprojekt genomförda i samverkan med olika industripartners. Eventet organiserasades i form av en mässa där studenterna demonstrerade prototyper och presenterade sina resultat och processen dit för intresserade besökare.

Extreme PSS Innovation 2017/18 completed

January 12, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the Extreme PSS Innovation course, students from BTH’s masters programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, and Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI) are given challenges from real industrial companies to solve. The course is a central part of BTH’s mantra “In Real Life”. 

The Future of Construction workshop

September 12, 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome to the Future of Construction workshop 2017!

The Volvo CE Trace delivered at Stanford EXPE 2017!

June 29, 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute As the summer approaches the yearly ME310 project with Stanford University draws to a close. This years’ projects were presented at the on the Stanford campus in the heart of Silicon Valley in California.

The view of a Design Thinking coach in a global innovation team

May 30, 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here follows an interview with senior lecturer Christian Johansson. Currently the main coach for the BTH students in the global Stanford ME310 Design Innovation project.

Designing for Lymphedema Patients

May 23, 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the Design Thinking course, students from the MSPI-program and the Mechanical Engineering MSc program have explored issues relating to diagnosis and treatment of Lymphedema. Based on need analysis, ideation, and a prototyping approach, the students have developed concepts for how to address these issues, focusing on merging user desirability, with feasibility and viability from a business perspective.

Extreme PSS Innovation Completed

January 16, 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute Using their achieved engineering skills to solve real challenges from real industrial companies is an important and inspiring challenge for the almost ready engineering students and a central part of the “In Real Life” mantra that BTH students practice. This years’ breed of Innovative product development students from three different programs have come together to address challenges from six different partner organizations.

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