Christian Johansson
Christian Johansson

Christian Johansson is Assistant Professor and Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). He is working in the Product Development Research Lab and is Use Case Leader in the KK Foundation research profile Model Driven Development and Decision Support (MD3S). He is also Programme Director for the Master in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI) programme.

Before joining BTH he was Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher at Product Innovation at Luleå University of Technology.

Bio – Christian Johansson

Christian Johansson (CMJ), got his PhD at Luleå University of Technology in 2009 within the area of knowledge-based decision support in a product development context. The applications were primarily within product development in the aerospace manufacturing sector, which is required to be risk averse and have a high degree of process formalization.

He is presently a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH. The research is organised in the Product Development Research Lab.

Generally, the work is based out of the Engineering Design Research area, where the focus is to support engineers with knowledge-based methods and tools, often for situations of high degrees of uncertainty. In this context, the topics of Product-Service Systems as well as Design Thinking is related and of interest.

CMJ is program director and responsible for the Master Program in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI), which is an international 2-year master’s program with focus on supporting development of more sustainable products and services by applying a design thinking approach to engineering design. He is the BTH faculty coach and project leader for the BTH/Stanford University ME310 design collaboration projects that are sponsored by Volvo Construction Equipment, where distributed teams of master’s students work in global collaborative projects to develop innovative products over an immersive 9-month period, applying a Design Thinking approach.

CMJ is currently supervising 3 PhD candidates and has been supervisor for several PhD (3) and licentiate (4) degrees. He has contributed to 34 peer-reviewed research publications in his area of research. He is currently working within the BTH KKS research profile “Model Driven Development and Decision support, MD3S”. He has worked in several European Union projects (VIVACE 2004-2007, CRESCENDO 2009-2012) and Swedish research projects (Faste Laboratory 2007-2009, Fuel Efficient Transmission Technology 2010-2012).




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Christian Johansson (Ph.D., M.Sc.)
Assistant Professor | Lecturer
Programme Director | Master in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology
SE-37179 Karlskrona

E-mail: Christian.M.Johansson@bth.se /

Office: J3417

Tel: +46 (0)455 385576

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