A hybrid data- and model-based approach to process monitoring and control in sheet metal forming

January 12, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute Abstract The ability to predict and control the outcome of the sheet metal forming process demands holistic knowledge of the product/process parameter influences and their contribution in shaping the output product quality. Recent improvements in the ability to harvest in-line production data and the increased capability to understand complex process behaviour through computer simulations open […]

A role for physical prototyping in Product-Service System design: Case study in construction equipment

August 6, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute Abstract: Using a case study methodology to exploring an ambitious experimental combination of a construction equipment manufacturer’s products tailored to provide exponential increases in efficiency and reductions in CO2. The products and system represent a relevant example of new technology being the foundation upon which a functional offering IPSS can be designed. The researcher constructed […]

Reverse Engineered Design Automation: Applying Knowledge Based Engineering Techniques to a Case of Automotive Fixtures Design Configuration

August 5, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute Citation: Johansson, C. (2019). Reverse Engineered Design Automation: Applying Knowledge Based Engineering Techniques to a Case of Automotive Fixtures Design Configuration. Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design,1(1), 1583-1592. doi:10.1017/dsi.2019.164 Abstract: In the production of automotive body components, fixtures are an important part of the ongoing work on geometrical assurance. The fixture is […]

Makerspace on the road

May 5, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute During two days we put the makerspace on wheels together with Kreativum in order to bring the concept pf creation with technology to the younger kids in Blekinge County. We visited two schools (Kättilsmåla skola and Hobyskolan) and gave 4 makerspace sessions for kids age 10-14, and in parallel Kreativum gave 4 sessions.

Knowledge Foundation supports development of profile education in Mechanical Engineering!

March 31, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Knowledge Foundation (hhttp://www.kks.se/) has decided to fund the development of our MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering (project budget of 2.7 MSEK).

Girls invited for inspirational day in engineering

March 31, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute In collaboration with Womengineering (http://womengineer.org/) BTH invited young girls on the “Introduce a Girl to Engineering”-day (http://www.igeday.com/) where we showed the engineering education and created an interface towards being an engineering by allowing girls to meet with students and teachers, and also get a chance to experiment with problem solving.

Uppfinnare på sportlovet!

February 19, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute Produktutvecklingslabbet bjöd in till en eftermiddag i Karlskrona Makerspace där ungdomar fick delta i årets sportlovsaktivitet; att bygga sin egen “automata”, en mekanisk skulptur.

Extreme Product-Service Innovation 2018/19 completed

February 15, 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute Students in the MSc programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management and Engineering have completed their final product-service innovation projects in the course Extreme Product-Service Innovation. The students have been working on different challenges relating to construction equipment and health care in projects that are aimed at allowing the students to use their engineering skills […]

KK-stiftelsen satsar vidare på forskning!

December 19, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute För att öka svensk industris konkurrenskraft och för att utveckla framtidens hållbara produkt-tjänstesystem satsade BTH år 2013 på en forskningsmiljö kring innovativ produktutveckling. Satsningen kunde göras tack vare medel från KK-stiftelsen och ett antal samarbetsföretag.Nu har KK-stiftelsen beviljat en 3-årig fortsättning på profilen “model driven development and decision support” som leds av Professor Tobias Larsson.

Beslutsstödsmiljö för produktutveckling

December 17, 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute En liten glimt in i den beslutsstödsmiljö för produktutvecklande företag som utvecklas inom forskningsprojektet “model driven development and decision support” tillsammans med våra forskningspartners. Förmåga att redan i konceptfasen, innan man bygger produkterna, kunna förstå kostnad, värde samt miljöpotential mm över hela livscykeln skapar enorma möjligheter att prova olika scenarios och lösningar.

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